Malaysian Supermummy Fab Links is a compilation of Malaysian Supermummy favourite blogs and online shops. I used to go to other people's blog for reference of my favourite blogs and online shops and have been neglecting this blog for a long time though I'm quite active in my other blog. Anyway to cut the story short, I found it hard because sometimes I can't find what I want and have to refer to a few directory sites which drive me crazy! So I kinda do a little bit changes to this blog and start compiling for myself.

Everyday I will post my shopping wishlist to share with you guys, some that I actually buy and some well, it's just wishlist because I can't afford to buy all, can't I? Besides shopping, this blog also provides my favourite other blogs and reference site.

Hope Malaysian Supermummy Fab Links will be able to help you to navigate through this online wilderness and should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at moodyschmoody@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch!